Crane buffers are safety relevant components, in case of emergency they protect cranes and trolleys by their optimized force-stroke performance curve, against high impacts.

The SIBRE range of products includes hydraulic buffers with gas retraction as well as cellular buffers for smaller travel carriages.

PB cellular buffers

The PB series buffers are made of high grade polyurethane material, with its excellent properties it can be widely used in many kinds of industrial applications.

Because of the cellular mixed structure of the elastomer the buffer can absorb very high energy, the high stroke of up to 70% of the total length as well as the effect of oil can’t damage the buffer.

The high quality surface protection guarantees a long life time, even if the buffer is installed on heavy duty machineries or in harsh environments. The usage of the buffer at temperatures of -30°C to +60°C is also no problem.

The SIBRE product range includes cylindrical buffers with square mounting plate or center thread rod, diameter from 80 to 500 mm are being produced in different lengths.

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