Drum couplings

The drum coupling of the Sibre ABC-V series is especially designed for the use in rope drum drives.

It is used for the transfer of medium and high torques as rope drum couplings in crane hoisting gear, conveyance, stackers, ship unloaders, container cranes as well as in heavy, rough smelting works.

Torques of up to 1025 kNm and radial loads of up to 550 kN can be transferred with a maximum coupling diameter of 1025 mm.

The design of the SIBRE drum coupling is performed on the basis of the steel-iron-guidelines (Stahl-Eisen-Betriebsblatt) SEB 666 212.

The exchangeability regarding connection dimensions with series on the market is

Couplings for connection of motor and gearbox input-shaft, optionally fitted with brake disc or brake drum, suitable for compensation of axial, radial and angular displacement of shafts.

For the following standardized products we offer tolerance bores, keyway-broaching and dynamic balancing as well as special designs as per your individual requirements.

  • Increased capacity due to optimized geometry of torque-transmitting components
  • High wear resistance due to quenched and tempered hub- and gear teeth
  • Compatible fitting sizes

Drum couplings

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