SIBRE SLP – Snag Load Protection

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SIBRE SLP - Snag Load Protection

After extensive development time, the first system was installed in beginning of 2016 when we already simulated different kind of snag scenarios, and demonstrated that our system reacts successfully in all of them.

Recently the first real snag was upcoming during crane operation and our SLP System was anticipating it and has reacted by stopping the hoisting motion in super-fast mode.
Since the SLP System was fully activated early this year, it has not caused any un-necessary stop of the crane due to wrong alarm provoked by un-normal or abrupt hoist movement!

Below you can see a case study, summarizing the results of SLP performance during the last months.
The SIBRE SLP System is the only real anticipation system on the market, in combination with super-fast reaction and braking time, this system is preventing snag loads and by that minimizing possible damages!

All other anti-snag systems are reacting only after detection of overload, when most of the stress and damages already have been produced.

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