Conception & Engineering

for innovative brake-systems


Sure to Be Safe. The SIBRE slogan and motto. Realizing People’s lives depend on the safest working environments, in some of the most inhospitable places, the SIBRE Team is consistently discussing, consulting, analyzing, and verifying ideas to create new components and systems. Sure to Be Safe. The lives of real people depend on it. This ever-flowing conversation is not just an internal practice; we actively seek input from industry. We engage industry leaders, engineering and consulting firms, and the all-important persons responsible for maintaining equipment. These cooperative discussions create a true partnership between manufacturer and user. The ability of our product developers to engage dynamic thinkers allow the best possible solutions.


Implementing ideas and concepts belong to the dynamic engineering team at SIBRE. This energizing team is always on the mission to safeguard people and equipment. The redesigning of our products is as important as bringing to life new concepts. With the availability of the most modern hardware and software the engineering team has made the tried and true SIBRE range more efficient and maintenance friendly. This dynamic group of engineers is an important part of SIBRE being a global supplier in the world of industrial brakes, couplings and crane wheels. Made in Germany, standing behind the heritage of German Engineering.