from conception to high quality brakes


With a Team of experienced engineers and service technicians we have the knowledge to stand behind our slogan “Sure to be Safe”. Through this knowledge and experience the SIBRE Team has a complete understanding of Braking System requirements, and the consequences of an inferior or flawed product. SIBRE has the flexibility to design, build, and test in our own facility, allowing free thinking ideas and concepts to be realized.
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Based on the collective decades of experience, our engineers, technicians, and input from our customers, the SIBRE R & D department, can develop, manufacture and test products heavy industry can rely on. Using state of the art software and the latest innovative hardware, the SIBRE Team can achieve optimal products. From innovative concepts to detailed construction plans, our R & D department consistently develops reliable SIBRE Products.
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With a well-trained, long-standing team, and a newly expanded modern production hall, SIBRE is producing quality. From individual components and parts to final assembly, SIBRE stands firm on sustainable product quality.
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Being ISO 9001 certified, SIBRE is guaranteeing the highest quality of each individual part and the entire brake assembly. With the most currently available measuring and testing equipment, the SIBRE Team has the capability to check for raw material properties and dimensional accuracy, on each critical component. These capabilities ensure the functional reliability customers have come to depend on from SIBRE.
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