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The best snag load protection is to avoid the snag load

In case of a snag load event the crane operation is stopped for a given time span due to subsequent maintenance.
Why not detect a pending snag load with latest measurement and sensor technology already before its incidence?

Step 1 - Hoisting phase

Step 2 - upcoming snag

Detect Upcoming Snag
By inclinometer and accelerometer sensors
Plus Load Cells
for redundand detection

Step 3 - unique anticipation system

Safer & lower stress
in drive chain due to anticipation using sensors
located near by upcoming snag

Step 4 - the fastest reaction system

Fast detection & Fast Closing
Total Reaction time 150ms aprox

Step 5 - redundant detection system

Additional security by second
path detection using Load Cells

Unitque twin caliper brake

Service TEXU Brake takes care of drive system due to NO radial load on shaft

Unique no leakage brake

Emergency SHI Brake
NO leakage design

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