Studies and training at the same time?

A university degree combined with vocational training is referred to as a dual degree or as a dual course of study. The advantage of such a study is:

  • the parallel and thus time-reduced acquisition of two recognized qualifications
  • a significantly improved practical orientation and experience for the trainee(s).

Companies value the dual study program because of the early employee retention and employee motivation it involves.

In cooperation with the Technical University of Central Hesse (Wetzlar location), SIBRE offers the possibility of dual studies in the field of engineering and business administration.

Ms. Susanne Theis from our company ( will be happy to answer your questions on this complex of topics on 02773 94 00 41.

You can find more information on the website of the Technical University of Central Hesse.

Invest in your future!

Qualified training at SIBRE is your entry into a successful professional future with excellent prospects in our German branches and our branches abroad.

As a highly specialized manufacturer of safety-relevant drive components for industry, the in-house training of young people is an essential part of our company philosophy to secure our technical and commercial expertise and to secure our know-how leadership in the market.

According to your talents and wishes, we offer you a well-founded training in the technical or commercial area - on the basis of

- apprenticeship positions
- and as part of Studium-Plus.

If you are not quite sure about your decision, just talk to us - we will of course be happy to help you and offer you well-founded advice.

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Ms. Susanne Theis ( will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to training positions at SIBRE on 02773 94 00 17.

"Zukunft hat Herkunft"

For SIBRE, as a highly specialized manufacturer of safety-relevant industrial drive components, the in-house training of young people is an essential part of the company philosophy.

SIBRE offers attractive apprenticeships in both commercial and industrial areas to ensure long-term technical and commercial expertise and know-how leadership in the global market. In addition, well-frequented training offers within the framework of dual training (Studium Plus in cooperation with the Technical University of Central Hesse) ensure that future junior staff are successfully qualified in the engineering and business areas of the company.

From August 2013, SIBRE will herald the next stage of its in-company training with the training initiative Zukunft hat Ursprung.

“ As a company, we have to ensure that knowledge is transferred from one generation to the next. The aim of our in-house initiative Zukunft hat Ursprung is to anchor the training at SIBRE within the framework of a culture of special dialogue throughout the company,” says Managing Director Roland Kring. Training must become a task for the entire company.

In addition, the training at SIBRE should be more holistic for all trainees in order to counteract the naturally strong modularity of company training with a positive corrective. For example, highly practice- and company-related training is introduced for the commercial and industrial trainees, which is designed and organized jointly by the department heads of the company. What is important here is that the trainees look beyond the respective in-house "departmental box" - this is intended to create understanding and give insight into the entire globally positioned company and its internationally networked operational processes.

The thematic design of the project and practical phases for the trainee students in StudiumPlus will in future be created in consultation with all operational areas and will be geared even more clearly than before to operational requirements. As a result, for the StudiumPlus trainees, this means an expansion of the options, project phases that are demanding in terms of content and thus an even better coordination of individual inclinations and operational processes.

SIBRE will express the special appreciation that this topic has in the company, both internally and externally under the motto Training at SIBRE has more to offer, also with a special signet.

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