Test laboratory

Modern test and Measuring Lab

SIBRE’s inertia dynamometer is used to test new developments in industrial brakes, to improve quality assurance and to guarantee optimal presentation to customers and documentation of earlier dynamic brakes.


A frequency controlled three-phase motor located on the base frame (flywheel unit) is used as the drive assembly. The motor accelerates to the prescribed speed by means of an elastic coupling between the pedestal bearings.

Between the clutch and pedestal bearing is an external shoe drum brake on a brake drum (500mm) which serves as an emergency brake. In the event of a fault the brake and the centrifugal mass decelerate as quickly as possible using spring resistance.

A brake disc (710mm – width 30mm) is mounted on the brake shaft situated on the base frame between the pedestal bearings for the brake part under test. A brake drum situated on the brake shaft is used to grip the brake drum under test.

the dynamic data logging rotational speed/torque occurs between the base frames on the clutch coupling aided by a rotational speed/torque measuring shaft.

The connection between the flywheel unit and the brake shaft unit is made by the transmission shaft and a coupling flange.