Production & Quality

made in Germany


With a steadily expanding product offering, the extending global network of offices and activities, so to the SIBRE production facilities grow. Our machining facility in Haiger/Germany and our assembly plant, just up the road in Eschenburg/Germany, have also been growing. Both facilities have seen significant modernization and expansion to accommodate the demand for highly engineered integral products. Since 2018 several new lines have been installed. Our central production plant located in Haiger, Germany boasts several stateof- the-art CNC machines. These additions allow for tighter control of production and faster response times to customer requirements. This growth has afforded SIBRE the honor of being a good steward to our local communities, and continuing the solid reputation Made in Germany has been known for the world over for.


High-quality, reliable braking systems and drive components require a consistent quality standard. With our internal development and simulation laboratory, both individual components and fully assembled systems are put through their paces. In addition to function and load simulation, we also focus on checking, reaction times, material properties and dimensional accuracy.

SIBRE Quality – made in Germany